Suite 100 & 102 – Boho Chic

Owners: Dee Schricker and Heidi Brandt

We specialize in artistic accents and groupings created from clay, paint, fabric, photography and mixed media. Our goal is to use our years of experience to help our customers find art that fits their personal style. We enjoy getting to know our customer’s interests and hobbies, the colors they love and the concepts and styles they are comfortable living with. Our goal is to collaborate with them to create a focal point of beauty in their home or business that they will enjoy looking at everyday.

Boho Chic also features the work of nature and wildlife painter, Jim Hitesman and the handmade jewelry of New York artist Laura Schutter at For our newest pieces and gallery events Like us on Facebook

bereskin Suite 102 & 104 – Beréskin Fine Art Gallery & Studio

Owners: Pat Bereskin, Jason Frank, and Dean Kugler

Beréskin Fine Art Gallery & Studio features a fusion of Midwest artists who work in a variety of disciplines, which include sculpture, painting, and drawing. Not only does atom provide variation of style, color, and subject matter to appeal to a large palette of tastes, it is also a working space with a focus on realism; it is a place to both buy art and see artists working in a collaborative setting. A varied selection of art can be seen on display and a variety of classes will be available ranging from beginning to advanced levels, and taught by experienced local artists. Follow Beréskin on Facebook.

  Suite 105 – MidCoast Fine Arts Executive Office
  Suite 106-108 – Studio 56 Décor Fine Art & Photography

Owner: Gaye Shannon Burnett | (563) 594-2016

Studio 56 Décor Fine Art & Photography is a creative design studio specializing in affordable fine art for your home and office. Studio 56 offers a diverse range of media including paintings, sculptures, photography, prints, cards and hand painted glassware that’s exciting, innovative, and memorable. From our artistic concept to your home, Studio 56 offers you beautiful unique and original art and gift items to enjoy and share with friends and family.GayeFacebookMy Studio 56

Black Line - Bucktown Website
Suite 107 – Black Line Fine Art Studio & Gallery
Owner: Dan Johnson | (563) 340-6003
Black Line Fine Art & Studio focuses on fusing organic elements with human figures, and is primarily executed on canvas using acrylics and ink. Influences range across art history, from Bosch and daVinci to Beksinski and Pollock. Life drawing classes available. Follow Black Line on Facebook and eBay.
Bucktown Galleria 2 copy Suite 202 A&B – Bucktown Galleria

Owner: MidCoast Fine Arts | (563) 424-1210

Studio space rented to an assortment of local artists. New artists and artwork coming in monthly so stop in a see whose showing today! Interested in renting space?

Suite 202C – Imagine That!

Owner: Jeanne O’Melia | (309) 716-1206

Eclectic work in a wide range of media – watercolors, acrylic paintings, papier mâché, metal and found object sculptures, cyanotype prints and collages. Imagine That!Jeanie O’Melia

Suite 206 – MidCoast Gallery at Bucktown

Owner: MidCoast Fine Arts | (563) 424-1210

MidCoast Gallery at Bucktown features rotating art exhibitions by individual artists and has gained a reputation for its unique group and theme shows.  



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